1912 Eighth-Grade Exam Goes Viral!

Are you smarter than an 8th grader??  From the year 1912??

Photo from/ blogs.smithsonianmag.com
Photo from/ blogs.smithsonianmag.com














Bullitt County History Museum, located in Shepherdsville, Ky., received a copy of a 1912 eighth-grade exam drafted for Bullitt County Schools as a donation.  David Strange, an executive director at the museum, told The Huffington Post the exam was actually given to the museum last year. However, the 101-year-old test started gaining popularity again when it was picked up by ABC News this weekend and went viral. -HuffingtonPost

“It’s quite a challenging test,” Strange said. “I do try to remind everyone it’s a 1912 test and you need to place yourself in that mindset sometimes. I remember having a similar question [as is on the test] when I was in school.  I wouldn’t want to take it again.”

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Some are likely to get stumped on questions that ask students to define the parts of speech; name and give boundaries of the five zones; compare arteries and veins as to function; and name the inventor of the sewing machine.




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