How I Made It Through 2 Hours of Photograghing Superstar Rihanna in Atlanta: Tips From A Female Photographer

Today is Wednesday 30th and I’m STILL trying to calm down from my 2 hour photo session with one of the biggest superstars in the WORLD… Rihanna!  Yours truly,  It’s RobinLori was the official photographer for the launch of her new men’s cologne Rogue by Rihanna at Macy’s Atlanta and I want to share a few tips, lessons and my experience with this AMAZING woman!

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My instagram pic of Rihanna

















I always psych myself up thinking I’ll get nervous & goofy around celebrities… only to prove myself wrong at the end.

Tip #1:  It’s all about getting the shot.  There is NO time to get “star struck” and lose focus.  Especially in high traffic with other media and 1000’s of hungry lions.  The artist is in high demand and can’t spend even a minute with you trying to get your shot. Get in and get OUT!

Thank goodness I was the house photog with a little more leverage… but the same rules applied.  EVEN with Rihanna & all of her beauty… my nerves quickly went away after the first shot.  Thousands of screaming #rihannaNavy fans surrounded us but only 500 lucky souls were able to snap the picture of their dreams.  And I was responsible (along with my partner) to have this done in 2 hours… no pressure 🙂

So the race began… one customer after the other had their 30 seconds of PURE BLISS!  I stood there (right in front of her) and watched as Rihanna single handily embraced each and every one of them with grace, compassion and love.  One shot deal… I had to get it right the first time and capture the moment.  These were “die hard” fans and there were a few times Rihanna even paused to wipe away the tears and give encouragement to the kids.  OMG… she was so much fun and loving.  I couldn’t believe how she was able to keep her stamina and smile.  Only 1 time… she said to me, ” I need to take a 2 minute break”.  I was soooo relieved because by that time all hell had broken loose. One thing after the other started to go haywire (internally).

Tip #2:  When things go wrong… ALWAYS remain professional and DO NOT PANIC!  People will read your energy and begin to get anxious as well.  Have a plan B and do what you can to fix the issue.

There were a couple of times I had to ask for the shot again and OMG… my flash went out towards the end!!  Rihanna had a puzzled look for a second… but I remained calm and simply told her “with confidence” that I needed to quickly adjust and to work with me.  She looked in my eyes and said, “ok”.   Inside, I thought I was going to pee on myself but she trusted me and we were able to get through all 500 fans!  And her last words were… “I had so much FUN!”

Here’s a couple of pics I snapped of Rihanna and the #RihannaNavy!  I’m not able to share my “official” photos but found these on Instagram as well.

Sending a HUGE thank you Rihanna for your warm & beautiful spirit, to Macy’s and my team!  Rogue by Rihanna is available NOW at MACY’S!






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  1. Hello Robin, first time on your blog, l loved it, you made be feel like l was there, you definitely have a way of expressing thoughts and feelings. I never learned . Congratulations, keep doing your thing you have a knack for it.

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