2013 AJC Peachtree Jr.

YAY!!  Just signed up the boys for another fun race at the 2013 AJC Peachtree Jr. at Piedmont Park!!

Peachtree Jr

Peachtree Jr






















Interesting Story: Running the Peachtree Road Race was a sport for me until I hit my goal of 55 minutes in 2010 and hung up my hat.  Never thought I would tell this story… but the year of 2009 was an embarrassment.  My focus was to beat my brother-in-law and was totally unprepared.  I didn’t train well that summer and had just given birth to my youngest child.  On top of that, I didn’t eat or drink a lot water the morning of the race.  Man… I got out there and ran pretty well for the first 2 miles then I started to feel myself wobble and had to pee really bad.  I was determined not to stop and kept on running.  Through my discourse I started to urinate on myself and could feel the water running down my legs.  Luckily (I thought) the sprinklers were on and no one would notice as it all blended together.  Ignoring my extreme wobbling which was causing me to bump into other runners… I continued.  I HAD to WIN.  As I approached the infamous cardiac hill  I remember saying to myself, “I’m feeling really odd..??”  The next thing I remember is waking up to a bright light thinking I was in heaven.  LOL!  I was in an ambulance heading to the emergency room from heat exhaustion!!  I could not believe how stupid I was for causing this to happen and felt totally humiliated.  I couldn’t remember a thing… the paramedics told me I even socked him in the nose fighting to stay on the course.  UNBELIEVABLE!!

The next year (2010) I came back with a PURPOSE.  Sure, I was extremely nervous and fearful… but overcame those fears and better prepared.  I ran my BEST race ever and will never forget the experience.

race 2 race1

















Moral to this story:  BE SMART.  Read your warning signs written on the back of your bib!  I still run for exercise and LOVE the energy from the event… now I experience the race through my boys. 🙂

race 3
























Kids can experience all the excitement of the AJC Peachtree Road Race when they lace up their running shoes for the AJC Peachtree Jr. 3K. This family-friendly event allows your kids to experience the fun of Peachtree in a safe and non-competitive environment! The 3K event is open to ages 7-12, while the Lil’ Peach 50M Dash is open to ages 6 and under. – Atlanta Track Club

Date & Time:
May 18, 9:00 am
Grand Prix Event:
Piedmont Park
3K ages 7-12 50M ages 6 and under
All finishers receive a commemorative AJC Peachtree Jr. T-shirt. AJC Peachtree Jr. finishers receive a pennant and Lil’ Peach finishers receive a ribbon.
Registration Cut-Off Date:
May 15, 11:59 pm
To Register:
Click Here




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