2014 Bronner Bros Official Bloggers Reception in Atlanta!

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am to be a part of the 2014 Bronner Bros Summer Hair Show official bloggers team!  I have been photographing the show for a couple of years and jumped at the opportunity to represent this amazing brand! Things almost didn’t turn out this way but through perseverance, honesty and excitement… I was IN!!

Check out the FULL blogger list on the BB website HERE.  Sending a VERY SPECIAL thanks to our coach Jai Stone!

What a great way to start as we met at the Omni Hotel in downtown Atlanta and had a blast in fellowship, laughter and delicious bites.  And guess what?!?!!  To our surprise we received our badges and t-shirts which REALLY made it real.  🙂

Your 2014 Official Bloggers
Your 2014 Official Bloggers














After our great chat and photo ops… we made our way downstairs to the Bronner Bros Welcome Reception with the beautiful show director, Sabrina McKenzie!  Guests were treated to a live band, great food & beverages and very warm welcome from the team.


Sabrina McKenzie & the Bronner Bros
Sabrina McKenzie & the Bronner Bros


























Stay tuned as I bring your MORE great moments & photos from the weekend!


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