2014 Mayor’s Masked Ball: Parade of Top Masks!

My head was spinning from all of the lovely masks in the room.  Atlanta’s finest came out to showcase their fashion at UNCF’s 2014 Mayor’s Masked Ball.  Take a look at all the splendidness and the top winner of the evening.

Top winner #24:

uncf mayors masked ball 462

uncf mayors masked ball 134














uncf mayors masked ball 313













uncf mayors masked ball 364





















The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is the largest and most effective education organization for African- Americans and minorities. Since its founding in 1944, the organization has raised more than $3.3 billion dollars to help students receive collegiate degrees and UNCF member schools. Through the organizations mission, it’s set to advocate the importance of education and scholarship in research and academics and politics. The organizations iconic motto: “A Mind is a terrible thing to waste”, is still shown in today’s time at UNCF prides itself of raising funding and educational opportunities for children.

Enjoy the pics I snapped!  More to come 🙂


uncf mayors masked ball 388













uncf mayors masked ball 385













uncf mayors masked ball 360












uncf mayors masked ball 383












uncf mayors masked ball 393
Jasmine Scroggins (Miss Black US Ambassador 2013) -Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival












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