2015 Atlanta Black Enterprise Summit: Steve Harvey Breaks Down in Heartfelt Conversation

This week I’ve been attending the highly anticipated 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  I have so many wonderful highlights to share but wanted to begin with keynote speaker Steve Harvey as he broke down in a heartfelt one on one conversation with Earl ‘Butch” Graves Jr.

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This #BEsummit event brings together a who’s who list of entrepreneurs, authors, Hollywood producers, music stars, and motivational speakers to educate, empower and inspire business professionals and leaders.

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Man oh man… we weren’t prepared for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration Steve shared during his fireside chat.  ONE thing (among others) that touched my heart was the story of his journey as a comedian.  He spoke about his struggle to make good decisions as a young man and troubled past.  His FIRST time on the stage included a comedy competition.  Of course with his natural talent… he won first place and a fifty dollar prize. He went on to pursue his career and we all know about his success TODAY.  But the one thing Steve mentioned causing him to pause and shed a tear was… “All I wanted to do was to show my dad that I made something of myself”. 

It wasn’t about the money or the fame for him…  and oh my goodness there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

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It touched me spiritually because when I think of my heavenly father and all that he has done… All I want to do is please HIM.













I actually had this VERY moment with Steve recorded… but was informed we didn’t have permission to film so I immediately deleted it.  Yep… I don’t play when it comes to having integrity in this business.  It was live-streamed so maybe you can find or catch it later..??

Speaking of honesty and good deeds…. Steve went on to talk about the road to greatness from taking care of his twin girls to becoming the man he is today.  Wish I could’ve stayed for the entire discussion but I was minutes away from “mommy duty” school pickup time. 🙂

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More Steve Harvey quotes:

“God put in every living creature a gift and you WILL be miserable until you identify your God-given gift.  The thing you do best with the least amount of effort is that gift”

“You cannot think an impossible thought.  Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

“Act like a success think like a success”

Stay tuned for MORE #BESummit updates!



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