2015 BET Red Carpet: Nicki Minaj Looked Back at The Last Second & Gave Me Life!

OMG, I’m still exhausted from my trip to LA for the 2015 BET Awards.  The red carpet was held on Sunday and I was out there for 5 hours in the heat trying to capturing photos.  At the last minute… Nicki Minaj gave me life when she looked back and gave me a shot!

Nicki Minaj BET Red Carpet
Nicki Minaj BET Red Carpet



















Not only was I worn out from heat and holding my heavy cameras… but the shouting and calling the talent to look your way was equally as draining.  You have 50 other photographers competing/trying to get the same shot… sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.  I wasn’t in the top tier so it was double the work to get good images.  There were times I had to sit down to take a break but I got a boost of energy when Nicki heard my faint call and looked back for me.  I ALWAYS appreciate those moments and share it with you guys because to a photographer… EYE contact is everything!

Here she is with her mom and Meek Mill. Thanks SO much Nicki… you are truly beautiful 🙂

Enjoy the pics!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill BET Red Carpet
Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill BET Red Carpet


















Nicki Minaj and Mom
Nicki Minaj and Mom



















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