(Video) 2015 Black Friday Madness: Woman Snatches Vegetable Steamer from Kid… Staged?

Oh my goodness y’all… this Black Friday madness is CRAZY!!  Take a look at this video of a woman snatching a food/vegetable streamer from a little kid.  First, you see a hurd of people rushing toward this pile of boxes tumbling over themselves… and then comes a woman who literally snacthes one of the boxes out of the child’s hands.  This totally sets off the mother who tries to retrieve the box while the woman screams bloody victim.  Really?? This had my blood boiling… what would you do if you were the child’s mother?

Brace yourselves & take a look:

As I read through the news clips I’m hearing this may have been staged..??  If so… they got me!  If not staged… what & where in the world are these streamers that have people acting this foolish??  And where is the lady in red??

On a good note:  Yesterday, my nieces managed to get me out to Lenox Mall but it turned out to be wonderful!  I was so nervous about the crowds but we left “early” right after Thanksgiving dinner and it was smooth sailing.   We were able to get everything we wanted at great prices and as a bonus… ran into one of our favorite TV stars… The Chrisley’s from #ChrisleyKnowsBest!!  Now that’s a successful & safe #BlackFriday

Check out my selfie 🙂

robin selfie


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