2015 TomorrowWorld: LAST Round of Highlights from It’s RobinLori!

TomorrowWorld is one of my favorite events of the year and I always get a kick out of being in the Chattahochee Hills with thousands of electronic dance music (EDM) lovers from around the WORLD.  Only THIS year… it rained like cats & dogs making it extremely challenging to get around.  But first.. here’s a few interesting FACTS about the event and then I will go into my little experience:

TomorrowWorld Final 13













  • Now in its 3rd year, TomorrowWorld attracted 140,000 attendees in 2013, and 160,000 attendees in 2014
  • Held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia on 8,000 acres of stunning farmland with magnificent rolling hills and expansive lakes
  •  200+ artists across 9 experiential stages
  • TomorrowWorld is America’s most highly-trafficked livestreamed event (23M viewers, 2014) and most popular U.S. festival on Facebook (6.5M+ likes)
  • TomorrowWorld is the North American iteration of the iconic Tomorrowland franchise (Tomorrowland Belgium and Tomorrowland Brasil)
  • Attracts people from all 50 states and 75+ countries
  • Had an economic impact of $94,000,000 on the state of Georgia in 2014
  • A union of style and urban wilderness – attendees “camp” in a luxurious pop-up city with a hair salon, yoga classes, organic dining, etc. known as ‘DreamVille.’

The Experience:

I had a LONG “rainy” shoot with Macy’s Habitat for Humanity earlier SAT morning and was already a little tired…  but still had excitement as I stepped onto the media shuttle heading to the hills.  Thank goodness I was able to sit down & relax for 45 minutes before all of the festivities.  And then… $*@# got real as SOON as we stepped off the bus!  MUD was EVERYWHERE… and I mean fields of it.   I said to myself, “How am I going to do this without falling??  And my cameras??”  Last year, I covered for 2 days, walked through the entire festival & all 8 stages which stretched a few miles.  THIS year… I spent 1 day and A LOT of time in the media tent.   While I struggled stepping in & out of the deep pits… the campers & party goers seemed to LOVE the elements of the earth. LOL!  Take a look 🙂

TomorrowWorld Final 10

TomorrowWorld Final 4











TomorrowWorld Final 5












TomorrowWorld Final 7





























Rain, sleet or snow… nothing got in the way of me enjoying the music and everyone was super nice!  I’m a true music lover and was able to be a part of an international phenomenon, meet a couple of really cool DJs (see my TomorrowWorld DJs post) and let the sounds take me out of the pits… into a world of fantasy!

Boy, I love my job. Special thanks to Caren West PR & Sunshine Sachs for the invite.  Enjoy the pics!!  #LifeofAphotographer

TomorrowWorld Final 9












**UPDATE October 1**

I’m learning more and more about the unfortunate circumstances many of the festival goers faced over the weekend. My post/report stems “totally” from what I experienced & witnessed. Yes, it was a difficult time for some with the weather and mud… but NOTHING compared to the thousands of people stranded for hours and other frustrating incidents.  Read more from the AJC.com as TomorrowWorld offers an apology.

2 thoughts on “2015 TomorrowWorld: LAST Round of Highlights from It’s RobinLori!

  1. “While I struggled stepping in & out of the deep pits… the campers & party goers seemed to LOVE the elements of the earth.”

    sure, like someone thought seeing a airplane up close was cool until it slammed into the WTC.

    at noon, everyone was probably just thankful it wasn’t full sun and hot – but then the crap hit the fan. when you were settling into the media tent, others were ending their 3-4 hour journey just to park and get to a gate.

    i think you need a footnote to your story – or this is an example of how history gets rewritten.


    1. Oh wow @Jaymer… I only witnessed people dancing and having a ball (even in the mud). I didn’t see any of the HORRIBLE circumstances that was reported for A LOT of the party goers. So sorry about that… Some of the stories have been coming out and I will certainly take note.

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