3 Things I learned at the Entrepreneurship 2.0 Summit in Atlanta! Nicci Gilbert, Mariah Huq and More!

Food for the Soul:  I had tons of photo shoots over the weekend but it didn’t stop me from making my way over to Brand Strategist April Love’s Entrepreneurship 2.0 Summit with panelist Nicci Gilbert (R&B Divas), Mariah Huq (Married to Medicine), Lisa Washington (Food Network All Star Academy) Greg Cole (Nancy’s Pizza), Anthony Joiner (Digital Marketing Guru) and Ric Mathis (The Film Black Friday).

Nicci Gilbert, Mariah Huq, Lisa Washington, Ric Mathis and Anthony Joiner
(L-R) Mariah Huq, Lisa Washington, Anthony Joiner, Nicci Gilbert, Greg Cole and Guest













This informative seminar was an extension of April’s “A Brand New You” Series which provided insight on how to define, design, and deliver your purpose-driven brand to establish yourself in today’s economy. I’m so happy my twin sis and I were able to sit & listen to the conversations because it was the BEST dose of inspiration I had all weekend!

Of course there were tons of valuable information shared… but here’s 3 quick but KEY things I learned:

  1. We can help our African American community by putting our dollars back into black owned banks.  I never really thought of this before… and there’s a Citizen’s Bank  15 minutes from my house!
  2. Don’t be intimidated when dealing with large corporations.  You are a valuable commodity.. Stand your ground!
  3. The digital marketing space is untapped by most of our businesses.  You are WAY out of touch if you are still passing out fliers.  OUCH!


Ric Mathis
Ric Mathis













Attendees also had an exclusive preview of the prolific film, Black Friday, which features David Banner, Hill Harper, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey, and more. Over 1.2 trillion dollars leave the African-American community on an annual basis, yet it continues to remain in the lowest percentile of America’s wealth gap. The documentary not only addresses the origin of these economic deficits but also provides practical solutions that could be applied for the betterment of urban communities.  Executive Producer Ric Mathis

In true fashion I wasn’t able to stay for the entire session… enjoy the pics I snapped.  Sending a very special THANK YOU to April for the invite.  Please visit www.AskAprilLove.com for more information!



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