40/40 FitClub Creates Fun New Workout with Special Guest LisaRaye McCoy

I’m so happy for my friend Stacey J who created a fun new workout for everyone to enjoy! Stacey J, President of Stacey J. Enterprise launched the beginning of the 40/40 Fit Club with special guest DJ Fadelf, Katrina Jacobs and the beautiful LisaRaye McCoy!! Yours truly was in the house to catch all the action and believe me when I say…. this workout was full of high energy, Zumba fever and jamming house music by DJ Fadelf that kept you moving.

DJ Fadelf, Fitness Trainer Katrina Jacobs, Stacey J and LisaRaye McCoy
DJ Fadelf, Fitness Trainer Katrina Jacobs, Stacey J and LisaRaye McCoy













Stacey J: A lot of times we get discourage or make excuses about working out but we’re creating an environment for inspiring those that need an extra push. Every Saturday starting June 1st we’ll be doing zumba, hip hop exercises, kickboxing and the Michael Jackson experience just to name a few. Each class is an hour long and most importantly we …want you to have fun while getting fit from the inside out!

Stacey J
Stacey J


Stacey J & LisaRaye
Stacey J & LisaRaye















Special guest LisaRaye addressed the team on the importance of juicing and how it can improve your health.

Lisa Raye McCoy
LisaRaye McCoy























Ladies, if you want abs like this…

Zumba Trainer Katrina Jacobs
Zumba Trainer Katrina Jacobs











You MUST get into this movement by joining the 40/40 Fit Club  every Saturday at the Engima Lounge 2000 Powers Ferry Rd Marietta, GA. Workout begins at 10:00 AM!

4040 Fit Club 9 4040 Fit Club 8 4040 Fit Club 7 4040 Fit Club 5













4040 Fit Club 19

Sending a CONGRATS to LisaRaye who stars in a new movie “Lapdance” with Stacey Dash & Lynn Whitfield! Be sure to check it out.


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