5 Favorite Summer Produce Foods for June!

Most of us think of sorbets, peaches and strawberries for summer treats.  Although these are popular snacks…take a look at 5 favorite summer produce for June and why they are great! – Source Huffington Post

Photos from Huffington Post/Flickr

food for june 5
Plums: Rich in vitamins. The dark hue benefits the cardiovascular.
food for june 4
Papaya: Tropical Fruit packed with vitamins. Good source of fiber and potassium.
Okra: Green veggie good source of fiber & vitamins.
Okra: Green veggie good source of fiber & vitamins.
food for june 2
Cucumber: 96 percent water, good for hydration & vitamins.
food for june 1
Cherries: Low-calorie fruit. Speeds up exercise recovery, promotes sleep and protects the heart.



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