5 Money Traps Celebrities Face

Here’s little trivia:  Can you guess the top 5 celebrity money makes??  Should be pretty easy… 🙂

Photo/ www.allabout-energy.com
Photo/ www.allabout-energy.com














Excessive Spending –Elton John reportedly blew $400,000 a month on flower arrangements.

Lending to Friends and Family – We’ve all heard the sad stories of child stars suing their parents.

Trusting the Wrong “Experts” – Celebs have lost millions untrustworthy and exclusive advisors.

Tax Evasion – Wesley Snipes who earned close to $38 million, failed to file returns from 1999 to 2004. Yikes!

No Prenuptial Agreement – Ahhh, yes… Mel Gibson splitting from his wife Robyn cost him almost half a billion dollars.

What other mistakes can you think of??


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