5 Rules for Healthy Drinking

Some of you may read my blog and say…”she’s all over the place!”  One minute she’s posting about photography and events, then food, a few fashion tips, Atlanta community, art, healthy living, kids and then WINE?!??!  This is a blog about my life as a photographer and you guessed it… I’m passionate about all of these things.  I write & share the things I enjoy & love.  On that note…

Here’s 5 Rules for Healthy Drinking from Dr. Oz

My heart skipped a beat because I thought Dr. Oz was going to advise us NOT to have our casual wine but all is well.  Many studies have found that drinking wine, beer, or liquor in moderate amounts can protect against heart disease, in part by boosting good cholesterol.  🙂

Photo from Arizonafoothillsmagazine.com
Photo from Arizonafoothillsmagazine.com













1. Do: Pour wisely.  Research shows that women should consume no more than one drink per day—any more  could increase the risk of liver damage and some types of cancer.

2. Don’t: Save up for the weekend.  Skipping after-work happy hours during the week doesn’t give you a free pass to  down six drinks on Saturday night. Binge drinking—defined for women as four or  more drinks in roughly two hours—is on the rise among American women

3. Do: Abstain during pregnancy.

4. Do: Keep it light.  If you plan to have more than a cocktail or two, limit yourself to clear liquor  like vodka and gin. Consuming large amounts of darker pours like whiskey and  brandy can increase the severity of hangovers.

5. Don’t: Have a nightcap. (Yikes) –  A 2013 analysis of more than 30 studies found that consuming two or more drinks  less than two hours before bed decreased the amount of REM sleep. As the alcohol  wears off during the course of the night, you’re more likely to wake, disrupting  your sleep cycle and leaving you groggier come morning. A drink with dinner is  fine, but be sure to cut yourself off well before bedtime.

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