5 Ways to Prevent Child Injuries this Summer

My boys are EXTREMELY active and think of themselves as little “daredevils”. They are also involved in summer sports and activities that could led to serious injuries so I’m always on the case! We can’t control everything but here’s 5 ways to prevent our little ones from being injured.

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Parent Magazine:

1. Use proper equipment – One “non-negotiable” piece of equipment every parent should enforce is a HELMET!

2. Make sure there will be FULL-TIME supervision on the fields, parks & pools.

3. Provide plenty of fluids (water) to prevent dehydration.

4. Take your child for a physical before participation

5. Ensure playing surfaces are maintained.

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And with that… enjoy your summer!

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NOTE: If your child gets injured…

For acute injuries, a child should get immediate first-aid attention. If the injury appears to affect normal physical or mental function in any way, a visit to a pediatrician is essential.

Overuse injuries and re-injuries are the body’s ways of saying there’s a problem. Take your child to a pediatrician to get a prompt diagnosis necessary for quick healing. Often, the treatment involves modifying or temporarily eliminating the activity that caused the injury.



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