7 Things Trainers Want to Say But Don’t

Ever wondered what trainers are thinking when they see you workout?  I often think to myself, “he must think I’m pitiful.”  LOL!  Here are 7 things trainers want to say to you BUT DON’T.   

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Listen up!  From Shape Magazine:

1. “Put Your Phone Away!”
When it happens: All the time.
Why it’s bad: Stopping your workout to look at your phone slows down your heart rate and calorie burn.
How to fix it: Leave your phone in the car or locker room.
2. “Lower! Lower! Lower!” 
When it happens: Squats.
Why it’s bad: By not going down far enough in a squat, you miss out on engaging all the muscles in your legs, butt, and core.
How to fix it: Stand in front of a chair or bench and do a few practice squats, pushing your hips back and lowering down until you’re almost sitting.
3. “You Can Do So Much Better!” 
When it happens: Crunches.
Why it’s bad: Crunches require your spine to go into flexion, which places unnecessary stress on the back.
How to fix it: Do planks instead!
4. “Don’t Round Your Back!”
When it happens: Deadlifts.
Why it’s bad: Many women have a tendency to round their back as they hinge forward during deadlifts, but this places a serious amount of stress on the back, especially when holding dumbbells.
How to fix it: Make sure to keep your core engaged the entire time, shift your hips back, and keep your chest lifted as you lower your torso.
5. “Add Some Weight!”
When it happens: Strength training.
Why it’s bad: Lifting heavy weights will not make you bulky!
How to fix it: Choose a weight that’s heavy enough to allow you complete one set and nothing more.
6. “Keep Your Chest Up!”
When it happens: Squats, deadlifts, lunges, or medicine-ball throws.
Why it’s bad: Letting your chest collapse when performing these moves, can strain the lower back as well as place stress on the neck and shoulders.
How to fix it: Be conscious. Constantly think about keeping the chest lifted and drawing the shoulder blades down and back during all of these exercises.
7. “Eat Something!”
When it happens: After your workout.
Why it’s bad: If you’re trying to lose weight, it may seem like a good idea to skip a meal after your workout.
How to fix it: Directly following your workout, your best bet is a liquid meal that contains protein and carbohydrates.

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