Activity Trackers for Elderly: An Overview

Activity Trackers for Elderly: An Overview

The basic idea behind activity trackers is exciting: by gathering activity info, the user can know if they are moving adequately taking into account their specific health objectives. In spite of being quite popular, they might not suit everybody. 

Below we have listed some crucial factors which must be considered before purchasing one of these devices.

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Sometimes, tracking the steps you take may not be that beneficial. For example, say that you are trying to recover from a major injury or surgery. In this case, simply walking up & down your hallway could be like a huge fitness achievement & obviously, you do not require any type of device for telling you about your achievement. On contrary, in case you are a person who has been trying to take their activity levels up to the next level and consider that the data provided by the activity tracker may help give you with your goals, then by all means, you must consider buying one for yourself.

Your Understanding of the Latest Technology:

Despite the fact that activity trackers can be fairly intuitive, you do need some level of technical knowledge in order to be able to operate them effectively. Many come with corresponding smartphone application or sites which gather and showcase your data which can be ideal for seniors who love analyzing various graphs as well as their advancement with time. In case you don’t see yourself collecting data beyond the total steps which you take on a daily basis, then a simple pedometer could meet your requirements better.


Currently, activity trackers may range anywhere in between $100 and $150. Although the cost is not that unreasonable, still it’s important to ensure it is one of those things which you will be using on a regular basis.

In case you are still unsure, it’s wise to do your research prior to making your final decision. Review various models & determine what features you might find beneficial for yourself. If required, you could even take the opinion of your family and friends.

About Medigap Insurance for Elderly:

If you’re unfamiliar with Medigap or Medicare supplement plans, these are supplemental policies provided by private agencies to meet your healthcare needs. The supplement helps senior citizens cover a few of the expenses which Medicare doesn’t cover for instance co-payments, deductibles, & co-insurance.