America’s Darkest Moments Recreated with Children Photos

Take a look at 5 of America’s darkest moments recreated with children photos.

In the Playroom 1
The Twins/Jonathan Hobin














Photographer Jonathan Hobin captures our childhood fascinations with the darkest aspects of adult life in his polarizing series “In The Playroom.” The series recreates disturbing historical moments such as the attacks on September 11, 2001 and JonBenét Ramsey’s death. – Huffington Post

HP: What are you trying to communicate with this project?

JH: It is a commentary… on what it means now that we are moving into this new era of constant media. We are no longer just consuming media, we are also generating it. We have to be careful. Also, a lot of my work focuses on the darker aspects of childhood. I am trying to break down the notion that childhood is a time of innocence. Most people generally accept this vague idea of a happy childhood while having horrific stories from that time in their lives. I want to challenge the habit of remembering childhood with rose-colored glasses.

American Idol/Jonathan Hobin
American Idol/Jonathan Hobin













Obama Nation/Jonathan Hobin
Obama Nation/Jonathan Hobin













39 Lashes/Jonathan Hobin
39 Lashes/Jonathan Hobin














I found this photography to be an interesting, thought provoking oxymoron…. What do you think?  Read the entire article at



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