Apple Unveils NEW iPhone 5C and 5S Today!

Apple unveiled two new iPhones today!   Apple CEO Tim Cook said business is so large they will be replacing the iPhone 5 with a traditional upgrade (5S) as well as a simpler, cheaper version (5c).

The iPhone 5C is a new design that’s more fun & more colorful.   Apple design guru Jonny Ive described the 5C as “beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”  The phone will sell for as little as $99, for a 16GB version, and $199 for one with 32GB of storage (each with a two-year mobile contract).  Apple will also be making its own cases for the 5C, selling in a variety of colors for $29. – CNN

Apple iphone 5c 2

Apple iphone 5c
NEW 5C covers in a variety of colors


















The 5S features performance upgrades which will include first 64-bit chip in a smartphone, a motion co-processor, that will let the phone be used as a fitness tracker, will allow video in slow motion and Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner for security.  The iPhone 5S will sell for $199 for a 16GB version, $299 for a 32GB model and $399 for the top-end 64GB phone. – CNN

Apple iphone 5s
iPhone 5S comes in 3 colors










Pre-orders for the iPhone 5C starts on September 13. Both versions are on sale starting September 20. The newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7, will be released to the public on September 18. -CNN

My household is filled with Apple products (including 2 iphone 5’s).  I know these cheaper versions are going to skyrocket!!

Story & Photos from -CNN



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