Artist Ben Heine’s “Pencil Vs Camera” Photos!

Caught a glimse of this remarkable image on another site and decided to do a little research to learn more about the AMAZING artist behind it!

Ben Heine 2












Ben Heine 4











The Artist: BEN HEINE  a very talented visual artist from the Ivory Coast best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic”.  The Pencil Vs Camera portfolio combines both art and pictures portraying two different things within the same scene.

I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to his work… Take a look!


Ben Heine 10

Ben Heine 5
Pencil Vs Camera














Ben Heine 9
Pencil Vs Camera






















The Digital Circlism is a project Ben started in 2010 as well. It is somehow a synthesis of Pop Art and Pointillism. In this series, Ben usually makes portraits of celebrities with digital tools using only flat circles on a black background. –


Ben Heine 12
Digital Circlism


















“Flesh and Acrylic” is Ben’s latest project (started in 2011). Ben creates abstract acrylic paintings on large wooden panels. The main idea is to create a surface blending the model with the background. –Ben


Ben Heine 15
Flesh and Acrylic








Ben Heine 13
Flesh and Acrylic




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