Atlanta Book Signing with Author Sabrina Lamb

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Yesterday, I was able to stop by Marlee’s Coffee & Tea House to see Author & Financial expert Sabrina Lamb! She is the author and founding CEO of the, a leading provider of financial education for underserved youth in the New York City tri-state area. Sabrina has written for Ebony, Essence, Heart & Soul and to my surprise…. a DYNAMIC speaker! She lives in New York City and hosted this Atlanta event to meet her supporters and sign copies of her new book Do I Look Like an ATM? A Parents Guide to Raising Financially Responsible African American Children.

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Author Sabrina Lamb


Author Sabrina Lamb
Author Sabrina Lamb


About the book:

Do I Look Like an ATM? A Parents Guide To Raising Financially Responsible African American Children (Lawrence Hill Books) helps establish new financial behaviors for both African American parents and their children that will benefit them financially in the long-run. With step-by-step advice and exercises, Lamb’s guide to fiscal responsibility leads parents through self-examination of their own parent money styles while offering candid exercises that they can do with their children, revolving around how they can collectively become engaged citizens in the world of money. Using the knowledge gained from Do I Look Like an ATM?, the next generation will understand the true value of money and begin to use it wisely.

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I truly enjoyed listening to Sabrina. She certainly provided a lot of tips and food for thought regarding our finances as adults and our children. Get your copy today by clicking HERE!

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Special thanks to Kimberly Byer-Clark for the invite!



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