Atlanta Food Week with It’s RobinLori: Anganik’s Cuisine Tasting

As part of the Atlanta Food Week with It’s RobinLori, I headed over to Anganik’s VIP/Media Tasting hosted by Chef Tee!  The gathering was held at the very popular “My Fair Sweets” in downtown Atlanta where guests received complimentary dishes prepared by the chef.

My Fair Sweets













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Anganik’s Cuisine goes from Savory… to Sweet and everything is a palate pleaser. Chef Tee offers cooking lessons, cakes, catering, pastries and TASTING.  Unique food and wine pairings also available.





The menu included:

AppetizerJerk Chicken Pocket with a curry yogurt sauce

Entrée: Braised Oxtails on a bed of creamy grits topped with red cabbage slaw

Dessert: Coconut Lime Cheesecake with a mango coulis

Chef Tee
Chef Tee












I loved the Jerk Chicken Pocket because it sneaks up on you.  The spicy flavor doesn’t make it’s appearance until the 2nd or 3rd bite.  And THEN the there was the cheesecake… Oh my goodness I felt like the little mouse in the film Ratatouille. LOL!  The citrus flavors and little chunks of coconut were simply delicious!

The hospitality was wonderful as it included a few dabs of spirits in the beverage.  I should have known… anything in a punch bowl will add a little spice to your life.  I started to feel a little warm and tingly and soon realized, “I better slow down with this cup!”

Chef Tee
Chef Tee


Kudos to Chef Tee.. wishing you the best!  And sending a very special to BE Magazine for the invite 🙂


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