(Atlanta Pics) Beyond the Lights In Theaters TODAY & Gets 2 Thumbs Up!

As mentioned in my previous post HEREBeyond the Lights gets 2 thumbs up and you CAN see it in theaters TODAY!  It is truly a  story that taps  into the depths of sacrifice, loyalty and love. #BeyondTheLights


















The beginning of the movie was a little heart wrenching for me because Noni’s mom (Macy Jean) was extremely selfish with her daughter’s music career… even to Noni’s despair which led to her desperate attempt for help. I’m was in the music industry years ago with my twin sis and mother ALWAYS looked out for our best interest.  She NEVER made us do something we didn’t feel comfortable with… she was such a tremendous support system for the hard times, disappointments and struggles.

I’ve included a sound clip/demo of me & my sister back in the day (25 years ago). Take a listen:


And now… back to the movie 🙂 Love this pic of Noni (Gugu)!

Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner
Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner














Watch the trailer:


I was able to meet both Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nate Parker (lead actors) at the Beyond The Lights Atlanta screening and PAMF.  Too funny… I didn’t recognize Gugu while watching the film!!  Only figured it out this week.  LOL!  She’s amazingly beautiful and I’m so happy for her and Nate!  Check out a few of the pics I snapped at the various events.

This movie is rated PG-13 and suited for everyone!


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