One on One with Atlanta’s Own HAAL Electronica: The Light Series

Everyone knows I’m a true music lover and a HUGE fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  To my surprise… a former co-worker (from my days in the corporate office) is an emerging artist in his own right.  Meet Atlanta musician HAAL Electronica, a husband and father who just released his new project “The Light Series”, music for the soul.  Yesterday, I had a chance to chat with HAAL to get an inside view of his electronic world.

RobinLori:  How did you get into his type of music?  Do you consider it EDM?



HAAL Electronica:  I think of it as electronic music.  I’ve always loved music as a kid going through all of my dad’s albums.  I would get so excited combing through his records saying, “Ahhh… that’s Issac Hayes and wow that’s KC and the Sunshine Band.  As you can see… my cover photo has a special meaning because it represents me loving all types of music. 

My music isn’t limited to one genre… it’s a “feeling”. 


RobinLori:  Where did the name HAAL come from?

HAAL Electronica:  The name originally stems from my love of technology …One of my college friends always noticed that I was constantly creatin computer programs on the laptop.  In school, he always used the phrase “See you are about to Holla At A Laptop?” I would reply yessir!!!…  H.olla A.t A. L.aptop was a lot to say and the term laptop is almost obsolete.  Therefore my name was transformed and rebranded to ensure more longevity as Haal Electronica.

As he mentioned this… I started to remember his passion and contributions for our information security at the job back in 2011-12.  LOL, he didn’t play when it came down to his work.  We would chat from time to time about our MANY aspirations which is where I got my first dose of electronica, an umbrella term that encompasses a broad group of electronic-based styles such as techno, house, ambient, drum and bass, jungle, and industrial dance, among others.[1] It has been used to describe the rise of electronic music styles intended not just for dancing but also concentrated listening. – Wikipedia

My love for photography was just a small hobby then… but look at us now!  Our corporate slogan was “Make Great Happen”…  I think HAAL is doing just that. 🙂

Check out this introduction clip to learn more about HAAL’s new “Light Series” in his own words:



And for your listening pleasure… here’s the Green Light EP Sampler!



HAAL Electronica, a well traveled military-brat, currently resides in the metropolitan Cleveland, OH area. HAAL can be found in the following places:

News: Twitter @HAAL

Music: SoundCloud


Inquires/Project requests:


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