(Video) Atlanta’s Own Raury And His Take on “Crystal Healing” Phenomenon

Years ago… one of my photog buddies told me to keep ALL of my photos cause you never know how.when they may come in handy.  So glad I listened!   Back in 2014, I captured this extraordinary Atlanta artist “Raury”  who has taken on this new Crystal Healing phenomenon.  Have you ever heard of this practice??  This alternative medicine is believed to have a calming power that reduces anxiety and stress. Hmmm… sounds pretty good & safe to me.

Photo by BBC
Photo by BBC












This healing method actually falls in line for an alternative musician like Raury.  Check out this clip of him explaining his logic to Sway Calloway Radio:


crystal healing 3










Now, I’ve seen stones used in spas but never thought anything more than just another relaxing method. Even mega celebrities like Sam Smith has decided to give it a try… so I did a little research and learned that Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy which can lead to disease and other bad toxins .  LEARN more at Livescience.com

I captured these photo of Raury, R&B hip hop artist while photographing the new Auburn Ave pop up shops and I knew there was something special about this 19 year old song-writer (other than the crowds that gathered around him) 🙂

Check out his song “All We Need” from his new album released in October 2015:



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