Avoid The “Burn Out” – Tips From A Female Photographer

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I try not to make “New Year Resolutions” but there’s one thing I know for sure…  It’s RobinLori will NOT be running around town for everything that crawls this year.  LOL!!



Tip of the Day:  Avoid The Burn OutDon’t get me wrong… the media & entertainment industry require LOTs of last minute running around town.  In addition to this… I have a wonderful photography business to run which requires me to make decisions based on profit, relationship building and convenience.  My family and I hustled really hard to get into the business and it’s very important to continue the drive… but NOW with more focus and direction.  If you are not in this for the right reason… YOU WILL SOON BURN OUT and fade away.


One of my weaknesses is saying “NO” and it wore me out!  Trying to keep a balance with work, family and peace of mind was a constant challenge but I’ve learned to do a little more evaluating and it has SAVED my life.  Trying to be everywhere at the same time became exhausting and reality set in…  I can’t do everything!!! Thanks goodness I truly LOVE what I do but there comes a time when you have to decline offers that do not fit your brand & assistance is required to maintain the demand.  It’s actually a great thing because it means you’re growing.  Delegating will become a “key” element for me this year which will allow me to focus on the core art of photography. 🙂

Hope this helps!



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