Bedroom Kandi: “Control Me’ Vibrating Panties by Kandi Burruss

Have to admit… I was really curious about the “remote control panties” Kandi Burruss  mentioned on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) last night.  Bedroom Kandi has been on the market for a couple of years but I never really paid attention & have NO clue about most of the new & old love enhancement/sex toys available.  LOL!  But kudos to this successful business woman!  Come take a look ladies 🙂

Here’s to new adventures for 2015!

Bedroom Kandi
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Control can be easy, but what happens when you lose it? Surrender to your partner with CONTROL ME. This is one time when you’ll be thrilled to see a remote in someone else’s hand! Imagine the secret fun you’ll share with this wireless, remote-controlled, vibrating panty experience, which can be enjoyed from 20 ft. across the room. The massager comes with 4 stimulating pulsations along with a panty and privacy pouch.

bedroom kandi 2


Click HERE to see the entire Bedroom Kandi collection.


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