“Boom City” Presented by Dashboard CO-OP

Butterflies: Charlie Watts
Butterflies: Charlie Watts

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending BOOM CITY – 12 artist // one floor presented by dashboard CO-OP.  This wonderful display of 12 new artist was held at the historical M. Rich Building in downtown Atlanta.  Post about this building coming soon!

Boom City
Artist Michael Stasny
Co-Founder Courtney Hammond and Board Member Nicole Cromartie

In my previous post about dashboard CO-OP, I mentioned this event and their mission to promote contemporary artist… my hat goes off to this dynamic duo Courtney Hammond and Beth Malone.  The exhibit was AMAZING as 12 new artist from Atlanta, New Orleans and New York were able to show their work with such class, respect and appreciation.

I got a kick out of a very interesting performance by Artist: BEN GOLDMAN dressed as a bird 🙂

Exhibiting Artist: BEN GOLDMAN

Other Exhibiting Artists:

Bethany Collins, Stephanie Dowda, Mike Black, Kelly O’Brien, Charlie Watts, Mike Stasny, Ben Coleman, Andrew Hammond, Pablo Gnecco, Heather Greenway, Luke Haynes, Kyle Bravo

Note: My gallery includes only a few pieces… So much more was displayed. 🙂

Musical Performances by: The Coathangers (Not Pictured)
Perfect High Fives Every Time (Pictured)… Check out the drummer’s hairpiece!

So Cool: Guest could even listen to Andrew Hammond “Watch Me Reflect”

Boom City

My Highlight:  Meeting photographer Thomas and his twin lens Mamiyaflex camera!


The support for this effort is definitely worth mentioning as hundreds of people attended with over 30 organizers. I truly enjoyed this event and look forward to the next one!

Enjoy the pics!


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