Brooklyn Tankard of Bravo’s “Thicker Than Water” Encourages Many in Atlanta!

Have you ever seen Bravo’s hit show Thicker Than Water: The Tankards??  Ok, I never knew of this dynamic family until Brooklyn Tankard made her way to Atlanta last week and touched so many women with her uplifting words.  Brooklyn doesn’t hide from her past but shares her story to encourage others.

Brooklyn Tankard/Photo by RobinLori
Brooklyn Tankard/Photo by RobinLori


















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Also known as Queen Brooklyn, she is a mother (one daughter Diamond) and owner of her own hair line Queen Brooklyn’s Virgin Hair (QBVH).  100% pure virgin hair.


She is the daughter of Ben Tankard, a former professional basketball player, motivational speaker, gospel & jazz producer, songwriter, author and the list goes on and on.  I hear the family is quite entertaining and lives a VERY prosperous life but this wasn’t my first introduction.   I witnessed Brooklyn “humbly” speak to a group of women in a fitness center… lifting their spirits.  She was the special guest of a fabulous show called “Trei House Radio” hosted by the lovely Trei Taylor.   The ladies truly enjoyed Brooklyn as she spoke from the heart with a message of empowerment and triumph from ANY circumstance.

Little did I know… The Tankards would come up AGAIN!  Knew it was meant to be when I got a call requesting me to photograph another interview later that evening.  I won’t spoil the details on that event.  Just know that Brooklyn really laid it on the line with her story and everyone in the room was on FIRE!  So happy to have met you Brooklyn and I wish YOU the best!!

You can catch The Tankards every Sunday 9/8c, Bravo!

Mark Delong/Bravo
Mark Delong/Bravo












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