“Caring For Others” Host Travel Safe, Baby Day: Over 400 FREE Car Seats Distributed!

Last Saturday, I had the honor of photographing a beautiful work of love… Caring For Others hosted “Travel Safe, Baby Day” and distributed 450 FREE car seats and served 178 families!  Caring For Others, Inc. (CFO) is a human services organization established in November 2001 to facilitate personal dignity and provide basic necessities to economically-disadvantaged individuals, senior citizens, the disabled, the unemployed, and families with children.

Eslene Richmond Shockley was truly grateful for Toys R Us, K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers and Gavin McGuire
Eslene Richmond Shockley was truly grateful for Toys R US, K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers and Gavin McGuire


CFO has served so many families over the years and THIS drive was extra special as it promotes to help young children travel safely. I will always be grateful for working with this AMAZING organization and witnessing the power of giving.

Here’s a small excerpt from my previous post in 2013:

“As I walked through the doors of Caring for Others Inc… I witnessed this extraordinary woman discipline her grandson. Being a typical toddler he became a little busy bee and grandma wasn’t having it! Oh yes, she was firm but I could sense the love in her heart for her family and community. It was my first introduction to Miss Eslene Richmond Shockley which said to me… “this person is driven, committed and on a mission to care for others.”

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