Celebrating Star Wars Day with My Boys at Disneyland!

Good Morning and happy Star Wars Day for all of my Darth Vader fans!  I had the most wonderful time with my boys this weekend at Disneyland and I want to tell you ALL about it.  I’m excited to announce…. we were chosen to participate in the Star Wars JEDI Training Academy! THIS is a BIG deal for kids because many are called but few were chosen 🙂

star wars day











star wars disney 1













star wars disney 4















One lady was seen in tears because she tried to get daughter in the show for 5 years and was finally able to participate.  So here’s the highlight.. the kids go through a quick JEDI Knight training and THEN they get to fight Darth Vader!  How cool is that?!?!!  The kids were smiling from ear to ear… and Brandon got up there like a pro.

Take a look at my boys:




And then… there’s SPACE MOUNTAIN.  We had free reign on the park and was able to ride the most popular attraction of the park 3 times!  Who cares that it took me about 30 minutes to talk little Jonathan into riding… he LOVED IT!  LOL!

Special thanks to our dear friends and host Ericka and Riley! Take a look at our team photo and “may the force be with you” 🙂

star wars disney 6

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