Celebrities Support UNCF 29th Annual Mayors Masked Ball

Starting off with a big thank you to City of Atlanta! Being added to the media list was a MAJOR accomplishment for me and I truly appreciate the opened door. It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Mayor's Masked Ball 1

Mayor's Masked Ball

The 29th annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball is one of Atlanta’s signature fundraising galas and premier social events of the holiday season. Founded 29 years ago by former Mayor Andrew Young and Billye S. Aaron, the Ball is hosted by local corporate sponsors. Its purpose is to involve celebrities, dignitaries, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials and other supporters in the annual local fund-raising activities of UNCF.

In attendance was Mayor Kasim Reed, President and CEO of UNCF Dr. Michael L. Lomax, Co-Founders Ambassador Andrew Young and Billye Suber Aaron, President – Georgia-Pacific Foundation Curley M. Dossman, Chris Tucker, Fonzworth Bentley, Jennifer Holiday, House of Payne’s Larramie Cortez “Doc” Shaw, Comedian Johnathan Slocomb, Trina Braxton and husband Gabe, local sensation Kathleen Bertrand, Bobbcat Films Roger Bobb and the “one and only” MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly who tore down the house!!

Mayor Kasim Reed, Sylvia Reed and Sarah Langford

Mayor Kasim Reed, mother Silvia Reed and Sarah Langford

Lovette Russell, Ambassador Andrew Young and wife Carolyn Young

Lovette Russell, Ambassador Andrew Young and wife Carolyn Young

Alexis Scott, Kathleen Bertrand, BobbcatFilms

Kathleen Bertrand, Bobbcat Films, Alexis Scott

Trina Braxton & Husband Gabe

Trina Braxton and Husband Gabe

Larramie Cortez "Doc" Shaw and Johnathan Slocomb

Jonathan Slocomb and Larramie Cortez “Doc” Shaw

Mayor's Masked Ball

Mayor Kasim Reed, Billye S. Aaron, Mrs. Cheryl Wilcox, Ambassador Andrew Young and wife Carolyn Young

Mayors Masked Ball 67

Mayor Kasim Reed and Billye S. Aaron

Fonzworth Bentley

There were SO many highlights… I just can’t put it all into words so enjoy the gallery of pics. 🙂

Mayor's Masked Ball 61

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