Celebrity Apprentice Fired: Should Keshia K Pulliam Have Called Bill Cosby?

Last night Celebrity Apprentice premiered with an EXCITING cast including Kate Gosselin, Geraldo Rivera and Terrell Owens! The first to hear “You’re Fired” was Keshia K Pulliam from The Cosby Show.  She was the first to take on the hot seat as project manager for a fundraising and my first thought was, “I wonder if she’s going to call Bill Cosby“.

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I totally understand why she was booted off because it was ALL about raising money. Geraldo called in his big wigs and CRUSHED the ladies team and their pies.  Don’t get me wrong… Keisha did a wonderful job as a manager but it just wasn’t enough.

I have to admit… my hubby and I were torn as to whether Keshia should have called Bill.  In my humble opinion, when your in a fundraising contest for a charity at this magnitude… NO ONE is off limits (unless they harmed you in some way).  Also keep in mind this was taped BEFORE the BC Scandal.

What do you think?



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