Chef Roble Presents Clique by Roble at Private Meet & Greet in Atlanta

So happy I got another opportunity to see my favorite Chef Roblé of his hit show Roblé & Co on Bravo.  

Chef Roble of Clique by  Roble
Chef Roble of Clique by Roble












Bart Schmidt and Chef Roble
Bart Schmidt and Chef Roble



















This multi talent food guru was in Atlanta to share his most recent business venture Clique by Roblé, which is the first ever collaboration between a celebrity chef & a world renowned perfumer. My twin sis and I had another chance to hang out and we headed over to Tees & Quotes to catch all the fun.  The press meet and greet was hosted by BE Magazine and included a wonderful desert tray and drinks by Voscato.


















Roblé immediately sat down and began to share his journey and thought process behind Clique by Roblé made for women.  He began with, “this is a perfume… not a cologne.  I compare mixing fragrances like mixing a soup.  Who’s better to create fragrances than a chef? Certainly better than a pop star.”

It made perfect sense as Roblé explained his perfume.  He and fragrance agent Bart Schmidt of Firmenich worked hand in hand to develop the perfect blend and I must say, it smells like heaven!  Bart passed around paper samplers and I almost fell out.  LOL!  It’s based on a French toast crunch recipe which includes bread (hollow & eggy) rolled in batter, crushed corn flakes, cinnamon, toasted honey, melted white chocolate, nuts, nutella hazelnut and clarified butter.  To me… the      BUTTERY flavor is the key element that separates this perfume from the rest.

Imagine all of these food inspired ingredients in a perfume… and then FLOWERS!  Yes, Roblé added yet ANOTHER element we all love: wild jasmine, violets, iris and tuberose.  I was extremely thrilled to receive a gift of this AMAZING perfume.  Get ready for the PERFECT STORM… Chef Roblé (food) and perfume.  Clique by Roblé will be available Spring of 2014!

Special thanks to my friends at BE Magazine for the invite!  Enjoy the pics I snapped 🙂


















The Chef!


















Jason, Publisher of BE Magazine




















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