Cindy: A Different Kind of Cinderella Story Coming to Atlanta Sept 10th!

I’m too excited about a NEW musical coming to Atlanta!  The premiere of Cindy the Musical , directed and produced by Stepp Stewart will be on September 10th @ the Porter Sandford Performing Arts Center.

Cindy 1















About Cindy

This musical fairytale, set in Harlem 1943, tells the story of Cindy, who is reunited with her father; after traveling from down South to meet her new stepmother and sisters. She quickly finds herself a house full of mean spirited relatives who don’t give her the reception she was expecting. Cindy never stops believing in Love & Happiness. Based on the 1978 television special of the same name, Cindy is a different kind of Cinderella story now adapted for the stage by Producer/Director, & Song Writer, Stepp Stewart. Be prepared to Laugh, Cry, Scream and Shout for Cindy.

I had a chance to pop into one of their rehearsals and all I have to say is… the youths had me in tears.  DON’T miss this treat Sept 10!!

Stepp Stewart and part of the Cast!
Stepp Stewart and part of the Cast!














Here’s just a sneak peek of this AWESOME broadway musical (rehearsal Clip):


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