City of Atlanta Honors Jussie Smollett with Proclamation at Macy’s #SeanJohn

Yesterday, Yours Truly was quite a busy bee as I photographed some of the hottest events in Atlanta including the new face of #SeanJohn and FOX Empire sensation… Jussie Smollett at Macys!!!  And to our surprise Councilman Kwanza Hall presented Jussie with the City of Atlanta Proclamation… how cool is that!?!!

Jussie Smollett Macys atlanta 2
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The first 200 customers to make a purchase of $75 or more in Sean John apparel got a chance to meet and take a picture with Jussie.  THIS was the second chance for victory I needed with MACY’s.  As many of you know… my first round of photographing this type of event with a mega superstar didn’t go so well. Won’t get into a lot of details but you can read about the event in my  previous Rihanna post HERE.  My team believed in me and gave me a chance to prove I was the right person for the job… and I will forever be grateful.

Now on to Jussie!!  This was actually my second time meeting him and he is AMAZINGLY kind and sweet.  I’m not just saying that.  Just like Rihanna… he was sooo humble, gracious and seemed to really appreciate being with his fans.  First, Jussie met with the Boys & Girls Club back in the green room.  He was full of great energy and went around the entire table of kids.  He greeted them by grabbing each of their hands… putting the biggest smiles on their faces.  Gotta love him!!

And this is where I got a chance to get my selfie.  Trust me when I say… television robs him of how cute he is. 🙂

Jussie Smollett Macys atlanta 3












Next… Jussie interviewd with a few media outlets and then he was off to the races with hundreds of fans. It was a really cool event with guest host V103’s Ryan Cameron and Ramona DeBreaux, a live DJ who turned it up with the latest hip hop and tatsy treats.  I was the house photographer for Macy’s and cannot share my images… but I was able to grab this last shot of Jussie and Sean John executive with my cell phone. 🙂

Jussie Smollett Macys atlanta 1
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And here’s a few photos I grabbed from Instagram of Jussie with the Boys and Girls Club and his fans. We LOVE YOU JUSSIE!!



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