UPDATE!! I Didn’t See This Coming… Kim Fields to Join Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta??

Here’s an UPDATE for all of you #RHOA fans… Kim did NOT make the final call.  “If you won’t bring the DRAMA, you won’t get the job”.  I said this to someone that wanted to join the cast JUST a few months ago.  Based on this story from Centric TV… it seems to be a requirement for with this show.

Would you be willing to be a drama queen for fame?



Ok, this is way left field for me!  I didn’t see this coming… but Kim Fields, our little Tootie from the Facts of Life,  is set to join the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta?!?!! #RHOA

Kim Fields and Tichina Arnold
Kim Fields and Tichina Arnold














I had a chance to meet & photograph Kim a few months ago at a birthday celebration and she is certainly all grown up and fully confident.  It’s been said that Claudia Jordan will not be retuning to the reality show which creates the open spot. I cannot WAIT to see how the show unfolds!

Stay tuned!


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