Data Recovery Software: Tips From a Female Photographer

My oh my… I could’ve saved myself from a lot of misery had I known about Data Recovery Software.

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For years I deleted images and thought they were gone to heaven… never to return.  Only to find out RECENTLY there’s plenty of data recovery tools available that can travel deep into your hard drive and pull ANYTHING out (as long as it hasn’t been used extensively).


Tips From a Female Photographer:  Get one!

It all ties into my previous post about RESEARCH.  Learning the technology and resources that can take your business to another level is fundamental.  Can’t believe I didn’t do my homework on data recovery until I really found myself in a bind with my largest client.   OMG, I was photographing a HUGE event with one of the biggest pop stars in the nation and my heart literally dropped to the floor when things started to go wrong.  I was extremely upset but didn’t panic… I just put on my big girl panties and went into FIX MODE.  Over the next couple of days I jumped over one hurdle at a time.


I’m not promoting this particular brand but it was the first tool I came across during my desperate attempt to make things right with my client. Purchasing IskySoft for $75 bucks saved my life!  I’m sure there’s 100’s of others but this software was quick, user friendly and seemingly safe.  It pulled everything I captured for the entire week.  LOL!  Don’t get me wrong… this is NOT something to use as a crutch but a safety net if you happen to delete an image by mistake.

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  1. Great post! Good to know that this type of software exists to help you out of a bind. Did the software you used recover your files with appropriate file names? Or did you have to do some searching through the files that were recovered?


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