Deck the Halls with Henri Bendel Holiday VIP Party!

I’m STILL on cloud nine from all the fun at Henri Bendel’s holiday VIP party last night!  You all know I LOVE Henri Bendel and was delighted to be a guest.  With so many wonderful fashion accessories, handbags and designer jewelry… I could buy EVERYTHING in that store.  And I’m not kidding.

Photo by RobinLori


















In addition to all of the AWESOME discounts… guest were treated to champagne, delicious bites and a VIP gift bag! Ouu la la 🙂





And then it happened… I was approached by this fabulous Disturbed Stripe Hatbox Graphic Wheelie.  My mouth dropped and I HAD to have it.  Made my way to the register and almost fell to the floor as I received 50% off!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Momma, also did some splurging with a few accessories and received 30% off!  We’ll put this post under “My Weekend Getaway Treat”.  🙂


Instagram/ Do I look Happy?













Take a look at some of the awesomeness I captured:

Photo by RobinLori
Photo by RobinLori












Photo by RobinLori
Photo by RobinLori












Photo by RobinLori
Photo by RobinLori












Gift Bag/Photo by RobinLori
Gift Bag/Photo by RobinLori
















Want to send a very special thank you to the HB staff.  I received such a warm welcome from Christine & Christine, Store Manager and SE District Manager 🙂

Thanks Donald & Tia for all o f your help!






Enjoy the pics I snapped!

Photo by RobinLori












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