Disney’s Zendaya Coleman Shines at Sister to Sister Forum

zendaya coleman

I’m still getting a kick out of being the “cool auntie.”  Yesterday, I had a chance to shoot at the Sister to Sister Forum hosted by the Trumpet Awards and met the beautiful Zendaya Coleman!  She is Disney’s own Raquel Rocky Blue” on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. The kids think Rocky Blue is so hilarious and fun!

zendaya coleman

My niece Cameron celebrated her 11th birthday by hosting a slumber/swim party at a local hotel and BAAM… I surprised her with a picture autograph!

 Zendaya Autograph

All of Cammie’s friends swarmed over her and “the prized possession”.  LOL!  Trust me, I thought about bringing her with me but couldn’t justify missing school 🙂

Zendaya was an inspiration to so many of the young ladies at the Sister to Sister forum.  They all stood in line to ask as many questions as they could. It was a delight to see.

zendaya coleman

Thanks so much Zendaya for signing not only 1… but 2 pictures for my nieces.  But most of all… thanks for being a positive role model for our kids.  🙂



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