Dr. Stacia Pierce Brings ‘Ultimate Success Tour’ to Atlanta!

I’ve been surrounded with so many powerful & gifted women and I’m LOVING it!  Last weekend, I was ABLE able to attend The Ultimate Success Tour with Dr. Stacia Pierce in Atlanta!

Ultimate Success Tour: Discover your purpose, how to easily attract more success into your life and business, and finally start profiting from your passion.

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Dr. Pierce came across my radar by several resources and my motto is to ALWAYS research & discover things outside of your circle.  I decided to attend one her sessions and boy was I was pleasantly surprised.  Sharing a little secret:  I’ve dibbled and dabbled in motivational speaking/coaching years ago as a sales manager… and I truly believe  what your feed your spirit will dictate your destiny.  I’m a sponge for “positive” food for the soul.

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During this one day session guest learned:

-The exact steps to profit from your passion.
-What obstacles are stopping your from making more money and how to soar past the blocks to start bringing in more income.
-How to organize your business and life for increase.
-How to use the practice of daily journaling for self-exploration, self-empowerment and self-improvement.
-How to take immediate action without being overwhelmed with fear or guilt.
-How to add systems to your daily routine to streamline productivity.

There were so many great tips and success stories shared during my short stay (had to rush off to a shoot)… but one GREAT word of wisdom from Dr. Stacia Pierce(in addition to all the lovely pink) stood out for me:

Investment for Advancement: A fellow photographer always drilled me about putting money into quality equipment.  I was quite new and really didn’t take it to heart until my opportunities increased.  A little bell rang in my head reminding me the investment is not JUST in material things but putting in the work by increasing your knowledge and learning your craft.

“Most people want all the secrets with no investment”- Dr. Stacia Pierce

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Instagram pic of my materials.
Instagram pic of my materials.



Sending a special thanks for all the warm hospitality from this AMAZING team.


Be sure to join an Ultimate Success Tour near you!  Visit www.lifecoach2women.com





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