East African & American Artist SOMI to Perform at #ESSENCEFest











I can always appreciate fresh & new talent coming on the scene.

Just announced!!  East African & American artist Somi, will perform new tracks off her forthcoming album The Lagos Music Salon, recorded during an 18 month trip to Lagos, Nigeria at ESSENCE Festival on Saturday.  Never heard of this artist so I’m pretty excited about her performance.  More details/recap coming soon but in the meantime…

Get a sneak peak of the album:


Somi, born in Illinois to immigrants from Rwanda and Uganda, has a strong African and Jazz feel to her sound. She’s been heralded by the likes of Vogue, Billboard, JazzTimes and more for her “Superb!” voice that has led to performances across around the world and being named a TED Global FellowThe Lagos Music Salon is Somi’s major label debut and will feature a number of carefully picked guest performances from Angelique Kidjo to the rapper Common.


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