Everything That Glitters AIN’T Gold: Tips from a Female Photographer

Everything that glitters AIN’T gold…  I posted this “oldie but goodie” quote on my Instagram and it reminded me of A LOT of learned lessons I’m practicing during my short career as a female photographer.  These are also “life” lessons because everywhere you go, everyone you meet and everything you do is a classroom.













I will never forget those words coming from my grandmother as a young woman.  Had a great job, my own home and identity (so I thought)… you couldn’t tell me a thing!  But for some reason I KEPT choosing the WRONG guys!  All of my college days, 20’s and part of my 30’s presented a web of lies, cheating and hurt with a few specs of great times.  Things finally turned around when I stopped to see what was happening INSIDE the person vs. all the bells & whistles.  I started to observe things like:

  • How one treated other people, strangers and even customer service representatives.
  • What is most important through one’s conversations & actions.
  • Are they spiritual or believe that something out there is greater than themselves?
  • Are they consistent?
  • and what is their family history & relationships.  Just to name a few…

Peeling away all the good looks, golden smiles & sweet talk, dinners, lavish gifts and vacations caused me to embrace what my granny always told me.  And it saved me from the pattern of making bad & hasty choices.  And in once case… it saved my LIFE!

Ok, so I told my life story… but the same principle applies with EVERYTHING including business.



Tip of the day:  One thing I know for sure is…. “they smile in your face and all the time they want to take your place” – O’Jays




Thank goodness my life & coprorate lessons have really prepared me to deal with the media industry.  I mentioned media because it’s new territory and SO many people are fighting & scheming to get the same shot, that day… and by ANY means necessary. I can’t tell you how many times people smile in my face while taking jabs, plotting against me and breaking deals/promises.  Most of them think I don’t notice but little do they know… I choose my battles wisely and NEVER react to someone else’s attempt to throw me off track.  Been there, done that!

It’s funny because some will say I’m a pushover but I’ve learned how to take one for the team to build the relationships I really want.  Like the game of chess mentioned in my previous post… you can’t just fire off every time someone does something wrong or you lose a man .  Sometimes you have to take one step back to take a few steps forward.  I’ve noticed that most people in the industry want something handed to them so they can just keep moving forward… even to their own self-destruction.

Don’t burn bridges.  Forgive but keep in mind their true colors.  And most of all remember… it glittered but it certainly wasn’t gold.

Hope this helps!



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