Fashion Sense with Stylist Too Straws: NEW Creative Ideas on What to Wear!

Many of you know I don’t have time to be a “fashion diva” but LOVE to see all the glam.  I have a few items at home & the means to put outfits together but NO TIME. Meet Nikki Straws “Too Straws”, a TALENTED stylist that makes total fashion sense.

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Fashion Sense with Too Straws: Polyvore, James Perse, Prabal Gurung, Christian Louboutin, Gurhan, Valentino, Riedel

















We worked together over 10 years ago in corporate America and became great friends… but lost touch. Nikki always dressed like she was on Park Avenue and I looked forward to seeing what she would wear.  I didn’t have kids at time which allowed me to dibble & dabble in the fashion arena… but I was NO match for Nikki because she had a certain elegance and flair that only a few understood.  During lunch, I remember her going out to Bloomindales and other high end stores to shop for the rich & famous.   Yep, she was a personal shopper and I was fascinated!

Fashion Sense with Too Straws
Fashion Sense with Too Straws: Elizabeth and James, Hermes, Chanel, Sassbide, One Teaspoon, Christian Louboutin

















My first introduction to the “What to Wear” templates was Claire Sulmers of  and I loved all of the wonderful ideas put together from head to toe.  It was the best thing since sliced bread for women like me with no time to pamper up.  I’m a very busy lady with a growing career, 2 kiddies I choose to FULLY nurture, hubby and bible class 3 times a week.  So I made the choice to sacrifice spending tons of money & time on fashion.

Nikki “Too” Straws and I were JUST reunited after 7 years and she STILL has the love for fashion.  I took a look at her Instagram page and once again my mouth dropped!  I know a few “so called” fashion divas but they seem to lack the element of soft elegance & style.  It’s either all the way “Betty Boo” or a hodge podge of something I could do.  LOL!  Many of you are not familiar with this diva YET… but trust me… Nikki’s creativity is going to rock the nation!  She’s not fully up & running… I just wanted to share my excitement for what’s to come. For now, you can follow her on Instagram @TooStraws

Check out some of Nikki’s AMAZING fashion sense.  I hope this helps or inspires some of you during your wardrobe battles. I will be posting MORE :-):


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