Fighting the Social Skills vs. Social Media Battle with Your Teen? Here’s 6 Tips!

Last night, I attended my son’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting which included a psychiatrist discussing TEENS & social media.  I thought it was a little strange at first because our school includes only K – 6… but the topic suddenly became an eye-opener for ALL of the parents when we learned of the possible nightmares.  Even though we don’t have teens (yet)… KNOWLEDGE is power!

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Photo from ABC News/Getty











Found an interesting post THIS MORNING about technology & kids lacking social skills.. sound familiar??  Even adults are addicted to their smartphones. But at least we had a glimpse of “real” one on one conversations before texting.

The (MOM contributor Amy McCready) provides tips on how to make sure your kids have the social skills they need to thrive with family, friends, and on the job.


1.   Show them how it’s done and model good communication for your kids.

2.  Take time up-front for training and your kids will be ready for social situations.

3.  Practice makes polite, so give your kids lots of chances to try out their new skills.

4.  Raise your expectations… after you’ve taken the time for training.

5.  Take a textcation. Texting, social media and other technology is here to stay, but make sure you have clear, understood limits for its use.

6.  Encourage your kids when you see progress.

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