I FINALLY Got a Piece of the Patti Pie… Life of a Photographer

I’m a happy camper this morning because I FINALLY got a piece of the Patti Pie!!  I know what you’re thinking…  “A little late for the party?”  🙂  It’s the little things that mean the most in our household.  We are soooo busy with careers, kiddies and school activities, bible class and a thousand other life elements… it’s hard to take time for the little fun things.

My Patti Pie iphone Pic
My Patti Pie iphone Pic

















Oh but don’t get me wrong… my hubby tried to grab one of those “hot commodities” during the Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie frenzy but came up empty handed.  Oh yea of little faith… my hubby was a rock star last night as he surprised us with this delicious treat!   I ripped that baby open, cut a small piece, placed in my mouth and said, “PATTAY!!”… in my James Wright Chanel voice.  LOL!  And my hubby (from Mobile AL) was especially impressed with the smoothness.

“It’s never too late to enjoy the small things”

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