#FitMenCook (RECAP): My Second Quest to Re-Create a Healthy Dish!

Let me start off by saying… “I never claimed to be the cook of the house”. My hubby (from Mobile AL) does most of the hard core cooking and I pride myself in “preparing” meals by ordering take out 🙂  I do LOVE to eat healthy but it gets really tough when you’re constantly on the go.  I was SOO excited when my twin sis introduced me to #FitMenCook and I’m proud to admit… FOOD pulled out my drive for fitness which has been hidden for over 5 years.

Ok, with that said… I finally settled down from my workload to visit the local farmers market!  I was able to pick up a few items for my new FitMenCook dish (quest) made with raw veggies, zucchini noodles, prawns and sesame ginger dressing.

DeKalb Farmers Market
DeKalb Farmers Market














Fit Men Cook Shrimp Dish
Fit Men Cook Shrimp Dish














and I ended up with THIS… fettuccini noodles, white shrimp, squash, zucchini and red peppers!  Ok, so my dish looks NOTHING like FMC…  LOL!  I was really intimidated by the Chinese noodles so I picked up a box of good ole familiar fettuccini.  I really had to keep in mind the point of this whole project which is to create healthy dishes the best way I can for a better life style… not to literally duplicate the image.  With that said… my hubby watched over me as I added a few of my personal favorites and vwa la… I came up with a decent tasting meal for me & my boys! And as an added bonus…they actually enjoyed it 🙂

Check out my iPhone pics:

healthy meal 4















healthy meal 2


















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