#FitMenCook: I Never Thought FOOD Would Help Me Out of My Workout Slump



I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried getting out of my workout slump over the past few years.  Can I get a witness??  Well guess what..?!?!   I never thought FOOD would help me out of this pit until Fit Men Cook waltzed into my life 🙂








My feet stayed on the pavement back in 2010 and early on before I had my 2 little ones. Marathons, Peachtree Road Race and many other running activities were a part of my life.  I worked out at the office gym 3 times a week, maintained a pretty good eating habit and body shape (giving myself an 8 out of 10). I ran my last race in 2010… right after I had Jonathan (youngest) and have dodged in and out of fitness ever since.  It has actually become down right pitiful…  I had a 1 year membership to LA Fitness and only paid 3 visits.  My hubby even purchased a treadmill for a small workout room in our HOUSE and I haven’t put one foot on it.  I want to blame it on raising kids & having a hefty workload from my NEW photography business… but I would just be lying to myself. NO excuse. UGHH!!!

health fitness 2 health fitness 1


I’ve seen a lot of delicious recipes and healthy tips… but for some reason, Fit Men Cook has really motivated and pushed me into making my own dish in the kitchen.  Oh and that was another obstacle… cooking. This young vibrant guy and his healthy food pics may have risen the dead. LOL!

Ok so here’s a pic of my first attempt to recreate a FMC dish.  I added a few of my own little favorites and it came out pretty good.  Salmon is a treat for me and I especially love it with capers.

health fitness 5




Check out my NEXT challenge!  This round is actually a toss up between this FMC dish… raw veggies with zucchini noodles, prawns and sesame ginger dressing.  OMG, this makes my mouth water…

health fitness 3
Photo by FMC














…and a brilliant dish with Ramen noodles I found from Upscale Magazine.  I’ve really had no problem with eating healthy foods… everyone knows I LOVE salads, seafood & veggies.  I just need to cut down on the “fried” goods and RUN with the wind!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress 🙂

health fitness 4
Photo from Upscale Magazine




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