Food Week with It’s RobinLori: Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Tasting with Michael McNeill and Rodrigo Soto

After the 2015 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival opening reception & toast… I found myself in a delightful wine tasting seminar with Connoisseurs Michael McNeill (GA) and Rodrigo Soto (Chile).

AFWF wine tasting 4












I had to make a quick trip to Sandy Springs (20 minutes away) for a fitness photo shoot and to my surprise… it was short & sweet!  My clients were so easy & delightful to photograph… and the lighting was PERFECT!  All I could think about was getting back to Midtown indulge in the tasting tents 🙂

It was as though my seat was waiting for me…  the opening was 5 steps from the door and I walked right into the white wines from Italy and Texas.  Each participant had a variety of 8 glasses to taste and here’s 5 things I learned:

AFWF wine tasting 1












1. Texas wines are JUST as good as Sicily.  They are growing in the industry and doing things right.  My favorite during the tasting was a super Nero red wine from Texas. It was well rounded with a smoother/softer taste.

2. Statistics show that most wines are opened within 7 minutes of purchase.  LOL, I can believe that because my bottles are popped open as soon as I get home from the grocery store.

3. Wine makers have adjusted to making wines that last a shorter amount of time.  Not as much aging…

4. My NEW favorite Rosette is called Whispering Angels from France 🙂

5. That “bourbon-like” taste I experienced during Thanksgiving dinners at my grandma’s house is actually an American oak ingredient used in red wines.  I never liked it and now I know why.

Stay tuned for more #AFWF2015 highlights!



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