My FORD Edge Test Drive at 2014 Bronner Bros Hair Show!

I was too excited to head over to the FORD Test Drive located at 2014 Bronner Bros Hair Show!  My eyes were immediately drawn to the 2014 Ford Edge Limited as it resembled my favorite family car.  I’m actually in the market for a new car within the next year and took the opportunity to see what it had to offer.


























With its bold design, Edge naturally gets noticed. From the dynamic front grille to the fluid shapes and smooth lines that run the length of its body, Edge looks like nothing else on the road. With a sleek roof, an aerodynamic shape and a commanding profile, Edge is ready for whatever paces you want to put it through. – FORD Website

Photo from FORD
Photo from FORD













The first thing I noticed was the roomy inside allowing my two boys to horseplay while I’m trying to drive. LOL!  Nothing annoys me more… we have a comfortable basement at home but they chose to try their new karate moves in the car.  UGHHH!

So I took this new super machine for a spin and was totally impressed with the smooth ride. And because it’s an Edge Sport… it delivered a high-performance driving experience.

Things are looking pretty good for FORD as it’s on the top of list right now!  Thanks for the hospitality.

Images provided by RobinLori/ME 🙂


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